Sunday, January 22, 2012

Class Begins and Time Disappears

The title pretty much gets the gist of it. Classes have begun, but it is not like the usual beginning to classes. We have already had Arabic, and our in class time has been a little bit like some of the Orientation. In addition to this, we are generally taking one class at a time (except Arabic). We are getting down to the mud and the mire right away with the Israel/Palestine conflict. Currently we are going through the sides of the story, today we heard the Palestinian Narrative and tomorrow we will hear the Israeli. This conflict, I am learning, is very complex, but what in life does not have complexities? However, I look forward to being able to understand the many different perspectives of the issue.
Arabic is going slowly, thankfully there is a young gentleman here who is working and going to college at the same time who I can try to speak to Arabic with. We will see how tomorrows class goes, it always seems to go quite fast.
The fellas have started to cook dinner, it has gone fairly well. There has been a little difficult of preparing enough food. It is a matter of being able to have food on hand. Also, there is not entirely the same type of groceries in their stores, so that makes it interesting. It is nice though to have meals all together, a lot different than last semester.
Today, I went to St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, fairly close to the Old City. It was a nice church, but there was only about 20 people there. It was a great service, this is Christian Unity week in Jerusalem, and a lot of the litany was based off of that. The sermon was on Mark 1, it was a fairly simple sermon, yet powerful at the same time. A few things that stuck out included his explanation of repentance as a turning back to God,  and also explaining what belief entailed. The reverend must have been Scottish himself because he had a fairly thick accent.


  1. It was an English-speaking church, then? Is there anyone else from your college along with you?